The Delta Force Manchester Terminator

Paintball players beware, there is a threat even more dangerous than your opposition that sometimes visits the Manchester Paintball’s movie set game zones. All dressed in black, the Terminator is a cybernetic assassin whose mission is to destroy every human being who crosses his path. Armed with two deadly BT4 Combat paintball guns, the beast can be seen stalking the woods seeking a worthy foe. The Terminator can appear at any time in any game zone, which is why it’s essential you keep your wits about you.

The Terminator Challenge

If the Terminator spots you and wishes to engage in a gunfight he’ll raise his weapons and point them in your direction. You now have two choices, ignore him and hope he turns his attention to another player or open fire and take the monster on! If he deems you’re a worthy opponent he’ll surrender one of his paintball sub machine guns which you can use for the rest of the game. It’s a risk, but it’s the only way to get your mitts on his awesome .50 calibre, semi automatic, lightweight firearms with the ability to engage an incredible 13 paintballs per second!

Terminator features

  • BT4 Combat paintball guns
  • Fires 13 paintballs per second
  • Ability to enter any game zone
  • Iconic black body armour
  • Robotic mannerisms

How to beat the Terminator

  • Wait for the beast to raise his weapons
  • Accept his challenge by opening fire
  • Keep firing until he surrenders his weapon
  • Claim his .50 calibre machine gun!

Think you could take on the Terminator?

Despite Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor’s best attempts, the infamous cybernetic organism – otherwise known as the Terminator – has been terrorising the human world for over three decades. Now it’s your turn to try and tame the beast. Do you have what it takes, or will you run for cover?!

Five Star Facilities

With Hollywood inspired game zones, state of the art paintball equipment and a five star safety record, Manchester Paintball can’t be beaten when it comes to unforgettable paintball activity days. Whether you’re organising a stag do or a hen party, celebrating a birthday or simply popping down for a session of adrenaline fuelled fun, Manchester Paintball is happy to cater for any occasion!

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