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Paintball Equipment

Manchester Paintball Equipment

A fun paintball experience is always a safe one, which is why all Delta Force Manchester Paintball guests have access to the very best paintballing equipment available. All equipment is bought brand new and tested regularly to ensure it's in tip top condition. Some equipment is issued as standard with other items available as extras for a fee. For full details of our standard and optional paintball equipment, please see the list below.

Want to speak to a member of our team?

Our dedicated events team is available. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about paintballing equipment or anything else. Feel free to give them a call on 0843 178 2470*. Alternatively you can visit our paintball booking page or request a callback

State of the art paintball equipment


 Padded Collar

Padded collars are standard when it comes to our combat suits, meaning no paintballs can creep in between your head and your chest. Complimented by our state of the art body armour and US spec goggles, these padded collars help to provide an all round layer of protection on the battlefield.

 Battle Pack

When you’re in the heat of the battle the last thing you need is a lack of paintballs! That’s why all our centres provide you with a hip mounted standard battlepack, allowing you to carry an additional 400 paintballs as you go.

 Combat Suit

One of our signature pieces, this full length black combat suit – complete with padded protective collar – is designed for both comfort and safety.


These state of the art US spec full head protection goggles ensure that your whole face and head are completely protected from the impact of paintballs, allowing you to enjoy your session in greater comfort and safety than ever before.


All of our paintball centres stock the 0.68 calibre Inferno machine gun. The Inferno is a rapid, quick fire semi automatic gun that gives players of all standards serious accuracy and firepower.

 Body Armour

Our state of the art body armour is made up of multiple rigid plastic plates contained within a flexible skin. The armour is fully ventilated to prevent a build up of body heat.

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What do I need to bring on the day?

Players should wear old, comfortable clothing and may also want to bring a change of clothes for the conclusion of the game. We strongly recommend boots with ankle support and deep tread/rubber soles – it can get a bit slippery in the woodlands! Some players may choose to wear wellies if it is muddy during the winter months – but it is up to each individual to decide if they want to choose a waterproof option rather than the safety of ankle support. Paintball gloves are available to buy at the centre, or you can bring your own. You may also want to bring some money for purchasing additional paintballs (we accept cash and credit/debit cards verified by PIN only. Please note: fees apply to the use of credit and debit cards).

Can I bring my own paintballs?

For health and safety reasons, and to maintain a consistent safety standard across all centres, you can only use paintballs issued by Manchester Paintball on the day of your event.

Is paintball suitable for children?

We believe paintball is safe for kids, but ultimately the parents must learn about paintball and decide for themselves whether their child is hardy and mature enough to participate. To help you with this, we have compiled an ‘Information for Parents’ guide, which can be included in your information pack or requested from our friendly staff by calling 0843 178 2470*. Please also see the FAQ concerning ‘Minimum Age’ below for more information.

Which days are you open?

Our centres are open almost 365 days a year. We do strongly recommend booking your desired date well in advance to avoid disappointment. To check availability, please contact one of our friendly event coordinators on 0843 178 2470*.

What happens on the day?

On arrival at 9.00am, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will check you in. After you have filled out registration forms you will be kitted up with all the gear needed for the day and undergo a compulsory safety briefing. Then the action starts around 10.00am! You will play 6-8 varied games during a sessions, with short refreshment breaks in between to reload your paintballs and discuss tactics!

Do I need to fill out a registration form?

All players are required to complete a registration form before they begin play. Players under 16 years must have their form signed by an adult; we suggest you send these out with your invitations. The other parents should return their completed registration forms for you to bring to the paintball centre on the day of the event. The Parental Consent Form can be found on our downloads page.

Will my child be playing with adults?

Where possible we will join your group with those of a similar age. However, there are often groups of mixed ages (when parents like to play with their children, or there are older siblings joining in etc.).

Can I reserve a date even if I’m uncertain how many players I have?

You can make a booking now for the players that you have confirmed, therefore assuring you bag your desired game date. You can then add additional players onto your paintball booking up until a few days before your event.

What happens if a player does not turn up on the day and I have already paid for them?

All payments are non refundable and non transferable. However, credits may be carried forward and used for a future paintball booking.

How do I book a day of paintball?

Booking couldn’t be simpler! All you need to do is call us on 0843 178 2470* and speak to one of our friendly event coordinators to check availability and book your event. Alternatively you can complete the online booking enquiry form, or email us and we will call you back at a convenient time. Another option is to drop in to your nearest centre and speak to the manager. Please note: it is essential you call in advance and make an appointment to visit your preferred centre. If you have any problems or any further questions – please call 0843 178 2470*.

(1) All prices quoted are for payments made in person (at a paintball centre). Payments made this way are final and cannot be altered or amended in any way – meaning that once paid you will not be able to change the date of your booking and if any member of your party is unable to attend on the date of your booking then that payment is forfeited. Payments made over the phone to the advice centre attract a service fee of 6.99% – and mean that your booking can be changed to another date if you wish (subject to availability), that credits will be given in respect of any players failing to attend the event, and that these players may attend a game on a date of your choosing in the future without further payment (again, subject to availability).

Delta Force Paintball is a 5-Star Accredited Member of the UKPBA (the Governing Body of the sport in the UK). Call Charges: *Calls to this number cost 5p per minute + network extras.

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